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The latest Tweets from Eloise (@TempoEloise). Chinese Hearthstone player for @Tempo_Storm. I play competitively! Former WOW shadow priest for guild.
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Among her many accomplishments with the guild, she was a part of the team that managed to get the world's second Heroic Garrosh kill and was deemed the best shadow priest in China.

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There came a time, though, when Eloise was ready to move on from high-end raiding. Conveniently, a new card game was starting to get a lot attention.

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It was a new game so I thought that maybe I could try something new and be good at it. That's how I started to play Hearthstone, and since then I've always tried to play the game competitively. Eloise has certainly brought that competitive edge to Hearthstone. She quickly built a reputation in China thanks to a number of high finishes at tournaments in the region, including a second place finish at the NA vs CN Hearthstone Championship in She established herself as not just one of the top players in China, but also one of the best in the world.


So, when Tempo Storm saw the immense popularity of the game in the region and decided to expand into it, they brought Eloise onto their team. Eloise has been a member of Tempo Storm since , and in that time she's made many more tournaments appearances while introducing a wider audience to her joyful and energetic personality. Just asking for her thoughts on the game's next upcoming expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne , has her beaming with excitement at all the new possibilities that await — her enthusiasm for the game has never dulled.

Even when asked her thoughts on the current state of the game with Journey to Un'Goro — a meta that's been fully set for some time — there are positives to find where others might see staleness.

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A move into more streaming has encouraged her to search for new decks, embrace the RNG-meme of a 'Professional Glyph Gamer' and look for ways to remain competitive while also entertaining viewers. So, that's a good thing. While deck variety has certainly increased with Journey to Un'Goro, Eloise takes a moment to lament the sad state of Hunter and Warlock, while also showing eagerness to bring some lapsed players back to the game now that Blizzard have fixed a deck that drove so many away.

Eloise with team-mates Reynad and Trump.

Actually two or three very good control players. When they play on ladder, they just Alt-F4 when they see Quest Rogue. When I tell them 'Hey, Quest Rogue is nerfed so you can come back and play,' they go to the bar and celebrate.

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