Dating a minor law in oregon

There are no laws about "dating." There are, however, extremely strict and specific laws about who one can have sex with. It is against the law.
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Parents and the people taking care of the child must be told when someone is trying to get a guardian appointed. A judge will order a guardianship without the parents' consent only in limited circumstances.

Advice from the Oregon Legislature: If you absolutely have to have sex with a minor, then. . . .

This area of the law is complicated. Consult an attorney for up-to-date advice. There are special laws about guardianships of Native American children. You should talk to a lawyer who knows about these laws. You can give a power of attorney to another person so that he or she has the temporary authority to take care of your child, to consent to medical care for the child, to enroll the child in school, and to perform other parental responsibilities. You cannot give temporary authority to consent to marriage or adoption of the child.

To give someone a power of attorney, you will need a power of attorney form, which you can get from most stationery stores. A sample form is available below. Fill out the form and sign it in front of a notary public.

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You do not have to go to court. Give the original form to the person caring for your child and keep a copy for your records. In most cases, a power of attorney lasts no longer than six months, but you can give a school a power of attorney that lasts up to 12 months. If you are in the National Guard or U. Armed Forces Reserves and called to active duty, you can give a power of attorney that lasts for the time you are on active duty plus 30 days.

Some special rules apply to powers of attorney in these situations. You can end any power of attorney at any time by writing, dating, and signing a statement that says you are "revoking the power of attorney given on date. Give the statement to the person you named in the power of attorney form see sample form below.

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If you are a parent of the child, or have been taking care of the child, you should be given notice that a petition for guardianship has been filed. The notice should tell you that you must give oral spoken or written reasons why you think there should not be a guardian appointed. Read the notice carefully. You usually have to go to the courthouse to give your objections in person, or turn in your written answer to the court within 15 days of getting the court papers 20 days if interstate issues are involved. You have a right to go to the hearing to tell the judge why a guardian should not be appointed. If you are the parent, the person wanting guardianship must prove that there is some very good reason for the guardianship.

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Because the law in this area is complicated, it is a very good idea to talk to an attorney for advice. This power of attorney shall be valid for a period ending but in no case for more than days.

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In Oregon, the age of consent for sex is 18 years old. This applies to everyone; it applies to both men and women, and to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct. Unlike many other states, Oregon has made exceptions in its age of consent laws for adolescents who are under the age of consent, but are close to the same age. In general, anyone 14 years or older can consent to have sex with someone who is no more than 3 years older than them.

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  8. The older adolescent will not be accused of statutory rape if there was valid consent. For example, second-degree rape means having sex with someone who is under the age of If the offender is more than 3 years older than the victim, this crime carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

    First-degree rape is the same crime, except the victim is aged 12 or younger. This carries a prison sentence of up to 20 years. If you are accused of rape or are a victim of rape, then a criminal lawyer can help you.