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To girls, first impressions are everything in online dating. Bad grammar or multiple spelling mistakes make a guy seem careless, lazy, and stupid. It's a huge .
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Initially, he came off as a decent dude. But the more they corresponded, she started to notice a pattern. He played football in college, so he met some type of educational requirements at one point or another.

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The thrill was starting to fade away. I knew immediately, where my friend was coming from. In college, I too found myself attracted to someone who, though he once taught middle school history, admitted that he always misspells words and always will. I certainly make typos, but when it comes to spelling and grammar I am in the All I know is my own experience, but for me, my whole brain is always swirling with words, words that even become meticulously divided into groups of 4, Rainman-style.

I think this is part of the reason that spelling sticks so well for me; it is simply pattern recognition. My current boyfriend makes typos and grammatical mistakes all the time, but he has a phenomenal vocabulary and a very high degree of intelligence. I still notice them as much as ever. They happen to the best of us. Poor sentence structure is really what bugs me. In a related topic, it bugs me to see a profile that is replete with SMS speak, and there is evidence that the author of said profile has a smartphone with a touch screen. If your ideal match is, say, a copy editor, then I think grammar aptitude is an acceptable yardstick to use.

I doubt Mensa is revoking membership for occasional dropped apostrophes.

Do you really think the hyper-critical impulses will end there? I get the Ming dynasty vase. You can have the dog.

Bad Grammar Mistakes Are Hurting Your Chances of Getting a Date

Idk why peeps are giving Grammar a hard time. He needs to find someone who first has the same skillset as he does wrt to language and second employs it relentlessly. This is no different from the woman who is superbly physically fit and expects the same in a man. Why would an overweight, out of shape man try to date this chick?

This is a huge mistake daters make. Reblogged this on Smooth ReEntry and commented: Read the comments after this article. I am convinced that there is a large contingency of women who participate in internet dating under the guise of finding a match, but in reality they are truly searching for material that allows them to participate in the colossal pity party of online daters. It is almost as if they yearn for the attention and sympathy a victim would find in a support group.

If you are a perfectionist and admire grammatically correct writing skills, good for you. Or, another way, think of this: You have to give one of them the job. Both presentations are equal in quality and presentation in every way, except ONE of the presenters has a whole bunch of typos and words used incorrectly.

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  • Survey says bad spelling and grammar can be a dating deal breaker?
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Are you honestly telling me you would be at a loss as to which presenter to award the job? Or how about this? You write your next blog without any mistakes.

Singles say bad grammar is a bigger turnoff than bad sex

You can proofread it, you can go over it, you can use the internet, dictionaries, Google, the works. You do whatever you want, just write a normal length blog and THIS time, prioritize said rules. I have a better challenge Ms. I propose that you post a link to your published works on Amazon. But there is a problem with measuring intelligence this way. What about someone with dyslexia who literally cannot see words and patterns in the same way that you and I can?

I grew up with a friend who could NOT spell to save her life.

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No matter how hard she studied, she could not physically remember the patterns of words. Did that make her stupid? There are many different kinds of intelligence, so being able to spell things and use perfect grammar, or having the highest level of education, is no longer how the world measures intelligence. I agree with your point about two potential job applicants, because there are professional standards, and there are also professional editing services people can use to make sure their resumes are flawless.

So if someone had a real issue with this and was creating a resume, they should pursue the appropriate supports to make sure it meets professional expectations. Similarly, if I personally had a known issue with grammar and spelling, I would get a grammar-savvy friend to check my dating site profile before publishing it. Albert Einstein was terrible at arithmetic, and frequently had to re-do his formulas and calculations due to careless mathematical errors.

Does that mean he was less intelligent than a person whose brain is wired like a perfect calculator? Classic American fuck up, you write the same errors you verbalise. That is not so different to one using text talk. Good luck to them though. Like this fine example:. As a self-admitted grammar Nazi person myself, who also has a few online dating profiles herself, I may have to rethink my strategy!

Thanks for the insight. I love that someone thinks I am trolling here just because I expect people to adhere to the rules of grammar and syntax. How insane and demanding of me! A high school level of understanding? I am happy to be on the side of the few commenters here who spell correctly. And I love that everyone so against me keeps making errors in their comments.


Apparently the reblog system is not designed for comments as wordy as mine. However, even if you did read my sarcastic footnotes you would only gain even more confidence in having me on the other side of the debateā€¦so your point remains very valid. Significant, yes, if you are a stickler and a grammar Nazi.

Not so much if you are just looking for an intelligent person you might like. If you need to wear a tux to the symphony, you might be uncomfortable if I sit next to you, even though, probably, we will be humming the same tune on the way out. Thank you, Roy, for making me feel better about myself. Although I prefer to symphony in the nude. I just stumbled upon this thread and loved it. Especially Grammar, who is, undoubtedly right in this case. I read through the comments and all Grammar has said is that bad grammar, especially in first impressions dating profiles and emails and published works blogs, books and professional presentations , is a red flag for lower intelligence.

I apologize to the author of the site and several commenters but Grammar is right on this one. Everyone makes mistakes when typing but to do so every day, or in a similar fashion every time is embarrassing. Or, it used to be, before enough people started defending the practice on the internet. Strangly, the original article was quick to point out one example of poor grammar and he and other readers were eager to denounce THAT example as unacceptable. Of course intelligence is measured in different ways. And of course some people are intelligent in some ways while not as intelligent in others.

That is also bologna. He just re-did them. Irregardless is not a real word, and double negatives are frowned upon. I am a grammar nazi! We have to be able to communicate, people. This is a rampant thing in the world of internet dating but has its advantages. One time against what I could tell was the heavily proofread profile of a grammar Nazi, I put some subtle grammar controversies in my message.

Now as long as your profile is clean I think some honest mistakes in messages can work for you.

Excessive messaging to bad grammar: Online dating mistakes to avoid

I have done the internet dating thing and I absolutely believe in putting your best foot forward, but is this a casual getting-to-know-you setting or a job interview? Grammar usage is not a sign of intelligence. It is, however, a sign of effort, attention to detail, and, to a lesser degree, education. It simply makes you more or less palatable to different people with different tolerance levels. This is not the end of the world, nor is it any sort of slam on me.

If you want to appeal to the widest variety of people, then you will clean up your act, so to speak. If you do not want to clean up your act, then the people you will attract will be people who will tolerate that, or not care about it, or whatever. Perfect hygiene and deep substance is probably out of my league, and also a little boring. There is definitely a sweet spot for me with good hygiene, substance underneath, and a little rough around the edges.

They have to be rough around the edges to go with me. I think the ideal thing to do would be to find a real grammar Nazi, and completely sweep her off her feet with perfect grammar and spelling.